A New Hope

This week IBM hosted the IBM Enterprise2013 conference in Orlando Florida to share our thoughts about future directions for Power Systems, System z and storage. I had the opportunity to share our plans and visions for Software Defined Environment (SDE) on Power Systems using PowerVC.

I spoke to many clients who were genuinely excited at the new direction IBM has chosen for Power Systems virtualization management PowerVC represents a seminal change in our approach to management – a new approach that will leverage our collaboration with the burgeoning OpenStack community. We believe that building on OpenStack will enable our clients to exploit the unique capabilities of Power Systems in their cloud environments and to provide IBM with an extensible platform for the future.

Cloud management on Power Systems is a layered management stack that includes the HMC (and the PowerVM VIOS), PowerVC and SmartCloud offerings.  The foundation layer is a new version of the HMC software that provides REST APIs that work with the latest level of the PowerVM VIOS to provide basic virtualization management such as provisioning new virtual machines and virtual networks. 

Power Systems Cloud Stack

PowerVC provides the next layer in the stack by providing virtual machine image capture and deployment, live mobility, virtual machine monitoring and optimization and virtual machine resilience and availability.

The top levels of the cloud management stack are the SmartCloud products such as SmartCloud Entry. This layer provides for higher-level functions such as self-service provisioning, subscriber and account management and support for deployment of more sophisticated application patterns.

The engineers who are building PowerVC have a relentless focus on making it quick and easy to use. The principal design tenants include simple, fast installation and a configuration designed to get PowerVC up and working in minutes. The design of the graphical user interface focuses on simplicity and progressive revealing of detail for efficient use by new and experienced users. Our user design team has continuously validated our interface design with a select group of early clients to insure that our implementation will meet your expectations.

I am sure that many of you are looking forward to working with PowerVC when it becomes available a little over a month from now. I am excited to be part of the team helping to bring PowerVC and effective cloud management to Power Systems. We are only at the beginning of this journey, but PowerVC will be a new beginning for the cloud on Power Systems.

Links for additional information:

PowerVC announcement  

PowerVC product page

PowerVC on DeveloperWorks 

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OpenStack Overview



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Jay Kruemcke is passionate about helping customers and partners achieve their goals. Jay is the Linux product line manager at Wind River Systems, responsible for embedded Linux operating system products including Wind River Linux and Wind River Linux Distro. Prior to Wind River, Jay was responsible for the SUSE Linux for High-Performance Computing, SUSE Linux for Arm, and SUSE Linux for Power servers. Jay released the first commercially supported Linux distribution for Arm in 2016. Jay has built an extensive career in product management based on being a bridge between customers and engineering teams. He has extensive experience in many areas including product positioning, driving future product directions, using social media for client collaboration, and evangelizing the capabilities and future directions of enterprise products. Jay had a long career at IBM including many roles in the Power and Cloud Engineering and Offering teams including being the product management owner for the AIX Unix operating system. In addition to his product management experience, Jay has held a variety of technology roles at including product marketing, manager of a technical architecture team, briefing center staff, SAP systems management consultant, and as a system programmer and administrator Jay also volunteers with the Boy Scouts in multiple roles and with ProductCamp Austin. The postings on this site solely reflect the personal views of the author and do not necessarily represent the views, positions, strategies or opinions of my employer. Follow me on twitter @smollinux and @phastflyer
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