PowerVC V1.2.1 adds support for POWER8, PowerVM Shared Storage Pools and the PowerKVM hypervisor

PowerVC version 1.2.1 was announced today includes significant enhancements for current and new clients.

The enhancements include:PowerVC_Square100x100

  • Support for PowerVM Shared Storage Pools (SSP)
  • Support for POWER8 processor-based systems
  • PowerVC has now been translated and localized for multiple languages including simplified and traditional Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Support to manage PowerKVM virtualized environments including support for:
    • PowerKVM hypervisor
    • Local storage, iSCSI data volumes, NFS
    • VM relocation, packing and striping scheduler policies
    • Image Import/Export
    • Open vswitch network virtualization support
  • Support for the CloudInit activation engine for Linux clients
  • PowerVC 1.2.1 is based on the Icehouse release of OpenStack

Support for Shared Storage Pools is one of the key enhancements for our existing clients. As many of you know, the availability of OpenStack drivers for fiber channel storage devices has been one of key challenges. Shared Storage Pools provides an alternative support path for storage devices not currently supported by OpenStack and PowerVC.

IBM also announced today that it is introducing the KVM hypervisor for Power Systems. PowerVC 1.2.1 will include the capability to manage PowerKVM based systems such as the POWER8 processor-based S812L and S822L Linux only scale out systems. PowerKVM is intended to enable exploitation of Power Systems hardware capabilities while leveraging the Open Source community and Linux virtualization administration skills.

PowerVC 1.2.1 also introduces the CloudInit activation engine (currently only for Linux clients). CloudInit is an emerging Open Source project focused on the initial configuration of the virtual machine after deployment. The Virtual System Activation Engine will remain the default, but clients using PowerVC to deploy Linux can start leveraging CloudInit.

The management platform for PowerVC 1.2.1 is supported on RHEL 6.4 and 6.5 on Power or X86 hardware.

PowerVC 1.2.1 planned availability date is  June 10, 2014

Full details are in the announcement letter at http://www-01.ibm.com/common/ssi/cgi-bin/ssialias?subtype=ca&infotype=an&appname=iSource&supplier=877&letternum=ENUSZP14-0167


About Jay Kruemcke

Jay has had more than twenty years of experience in the information technology industry. Starting from a rather humble beginning at IBM, Jay became a mainframe systems support programmer. Eventually Jay joined the AIX operating systems development team early in that product's development. Jay leveraged technical skills that he built in systems management to establish himself as a member of the IBM Austin Executive Briefing Center. His expertise in systems management with the SAP ERP system enabled his first product management role, as the owner of the Tivoli management product for SAP. Over the next three years he established that product as a success with the help of a strong development team. Jay returned to AIX in a product management position initially focusing on managing new requirements for the AIX operating system. Jay established himself as a subject manager expert in AIX and Power Systems virtualization and became a frequent guest at conferences around the world. Jay succumbed to the dark side and spent four years in IBM marketing in which he introduced AIX version 6 and AIX version 7 and many product innovations including the first every open beta program for an AIX release and a significant restructuring of the AIX offering structure and prices. Jay was part of the cloud software development organization and and focused on managing development engagements for clients deploying clouds using Power Systems servers with PowerVC and related products. In March of 2016, Jay retired from IBM and started in a new role as a product manager for SUSE, the Open Software company. Jay new focus is on enterprise Linux for POWER and ARM processor based systems. The postings on this site solely reflect the personal views of the author and do not necessarily represent the views, positions, strategies or opinions of my employer. Follow me on twitter @mr_sles, @cloudrancher and @chromeaix.
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