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Understanding SUSE Sub-capacity pricing for IBM Power servers

  Executive Summary SUSE recently updated Terms and Conditions for SUSE products to clarify the SUSE pricing policies for IBM Power systems and to accommodate Sub-capacity pricing on IBM Power servers. Sub-capacity pricing overview IBM Power servers have long been … Continue reading


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Using IBM POWER9 PowerVM Virtual Persistent Memory for SAP HANA with SUSE Linux

Introduction SAP HANA uses in-memory database technology that allows much faster access to data than was ever possible with hard disk technology on a conventional database – access times of 5 nanoseconds versus 5 milliseconds. SAP HANA customers can also … Continue reading

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AIX 7.2 and October Power software announcements

CORRECTED Jan 5, 2016  Clients that purchased the previous AIX 7.1 Enterprise Edition 5765-G99 that have maintained SWMA do not have to upgrade to the new AIX 7.1 Enterprise Edition 5765-CD1. The entitlement to the new product is done automatically. … Continue reading

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Auld Lang Syne – IBM Systems Director, AIX 6 withdrawn

IBM officially withdrew a number of products today including virtually all of the IBM Systems Director product line. This is a bittersweet end to a decades-long cross-platform management vision. Included in the withdrawal announcement are products such as IBM Systems … Continue reading

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